Dog Walking

Castle dog walking

A bored dog can be a destructive or noisy dog, so increase your dog's wellbeing by scheduling a daily walk where he / she can sniff, explore and burn off excess energy. When you arrive home in the evening you will be rewarded with a happy, contented dog.

Castle Home and Pet Minding dog walking service will take your dog/s for a walk around your area for either half an hour or a full hour. They will remain on their lead for the entire time so that full control can be maintained. Your dog/s will only be taken off lead if we are comfortable doing so and have your approval in writing. Dogs are always on lead around roads.

The pace of the walk will be chosen to accommodate your dog's breed and fitness level.

All fees are time based, regardless of how many dogs you have for us to walk.

Walking time may occasionally be affected by circumstances beyond our control i.e. extreme temperatures, storms, un-cooperative / aggressive dogs etc. Situations such as these may result in shortened / cancelled walks. Cancellations beyond our control will not be refunded.

Special rates available for regular dog walks on the Central Coast.


Dog at wedding

Would you like your fur kid at your wedding or special event?

We can help you! Don’t bother family or guests with looking after your fur kid if you want them to be part of your special day. Give us a call to discuss how we can assist in keeping your fur kid happy at the ceremony and looking their best for the photos.

Letter of Thanks

Dear Miriam, 
Thank you so much for walking Buddy and Zoe while we were away. Dad said they looked very excited to see you each time. We will definitely call you if we go on any more long trips.



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