Pet Minding

Castle Pet MindingPets left in their own homes are happier and less stressed due to being comfortable in their own, familiar environment.

Pets that don’t travel well will also be much happier.

All of our services are specifically designed to meet the individual needs of our clients on the Central Coast and their pets.

Your pets receive their customary diet and medication and their exercise routine is maintained. 

Prior to your absence we will come and meet with you and your pets to discuss your pets’ specific needs. This is a great time for you to get to know us better and ask any questions that you may have.

We will also collect your mail (and junk mail), water plants (in line with any water restrictions), put out garbage bins and attend to any other requests you may have (including backyard poop-scoop). Your house then has that lived-in look. 

The animals we look after, and the tasks we can do to care for them



Feeding, walking, playtime, pat time, poop scoop etc.


Feeding, cuddle time, clean / change litter etc.


Rugging, feeding, watering and grooming etc.


Feed fresh food, replenish dry food, replenish water, change perches in aviary etc.



Give fresh food, clean water, clean hutch etc.


Specialist feeding, cleaning the tanks etc.


Feeding fresh food, clean water, collect eggs etc.


Specialist feeding of insects etc.


A Letter of Thanks

We strongly believe in home care for our best friends when they are not able to come with us, like an overseas holiday. We have always found kennels disturbing, small areas unsure of the food and the strange smells and barking our two aren't used to.

Miriam came and met our two little friends to get to know them, their eating habits (eg. allergies), vets (just in case) and favourite toys. This way our two stay in their own environment to walk and play, have their own bedding and toys and get a friendly visit each day to be fed their own favourite foods and a little play.

It gives us comfort knowing Miriam is looking after our two best mates to make our brief times apart the best it can be for all concerned. Thanks Miriam.


Happy labrador

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