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Dear Miriam,
This is 'au revoir', not farewell because I'm sure we will need you in the future.

Thanks for looking after us over the years. You've done a wonderful job and I've always appreciated your reliability and responsibility. Millie and Jack are safe in your care and they will miss you. They love their Aunty Miriam and I'm sorry we can't continue as usual. I'm looking forward to leaving work though (for the moment!).

Please accept our gifts of appreciation. I thought one of them may remind you of your holiday in the snow?

You're always welcome to call in and say hello if you're passing this way. It was good to see you in person the other day after all the years of notes.

We wish you good luck in all your endeavours. Can you hear the sound of eight paws clapping?

Thanks for everything.
Until next time, lots of love.

Millie, Jack and Georgina,

Dear Miriam,
Thank you so much for walking Buddy and Zoe while we were away. Dad said they looked very excited to see you each time. Will definitely call you if we go on any more long trips.

Tracy and Scott,

We strongly believe in home care for our best friends when they are not able to come with us, like an overseas holiday. We have always found kennels disturbing, small areas unsure of the food and the strange smells and barking our two aren't used to.

Miriam came and met our two little friends gets to know them, their eating habits (eg allergies), vets (just in case) and favourite toys. This way our two stay in their own environment to walk and play, have their own bedding and toys are get a friendly visit each day to be fed their own favourite foods and a little play.

It gives us comfort knowing Miriam is looking after our two best mates to make our brief times apart the best it can be for all concerned.

Thanks Miriam.


We are the owners of 3 medium sized dogs who are very much a part of our family. Our girls are 14yrs, 9yrs & 2yrs. So we have the full range of active & not so active dogs.

We recently went away for 5 weeks. Usually we have friends who look after our 3 dogs, it was a bit much to ask.

I researched all our options which included splitting the dogs up amongst a number of people &/or boarding kennels.

Thankfully I stumbled upon Miriam & her services. Miriam surprised me by immediately taking on the house minding & pet minding services for the 5 weeks, without any hesitation. Miriam was more than happy to meet me a number of times & to answer all my questions.

It is a bit daunting leaving your girls & home to someone you've only just met & I would not leave them with just anyone! I was struggling to work out what questions to ask that might relieve any anxiety we had. Thankfully Miriam helped, because some of the information she gave us & questions she asked showed me that she was honest & trustworthy.

I will say that I was a little nervous but I was relieved that the girls were in their home. I was also impressed that it was more cost effective to have them looked after in our home rather than going to a boarding kennel.

Miriam did a great job. The girls were happy & content when we returned. They had been well fed & enjoyed their regular beach walks. While the house was not our priority for the service, it was nice to know that someone was there looking after it too & again it was in great shape when we returned.

Miriam contacted us regularly when we were away so we were confident that things were going ok.

I would certainly use Miriam & Castle Home & Pet Minding Service again, in fact we have already contacted her to book her in. We feel great that there is someone around who now knows the girls & who we can trust to look after them from time to time.

Thanks again,

Jeannette and Jeremy,

Thanks for looking after Taja while we were away. We greatly appreciate it and so does Taja.

Thanks again,

Trudi and Jason,
Point Frederick

To Miriam,
Thank you once again for caring for my family. I can always go away and know they will be well looked after.



Miriam of Castle Pet Care has cared for my cats in my home now on three separate occasions. In addition to attending to the cat's routine, she also feeds the goldfish, checks my mailbox and keeps an eye on the garden. She is thoroughly reliable in all these matters, and so I find her services take a great deal of weight off my mind when I have to be away from home. In particular, she has a very good understanding of animals and wins their confidence and affection with very little trouble.

I have every confidence in recommending her services to other potential clients.

North Gosford

We have used Castle Home and Pet Minding Service for our holidays over the last 3 years. Miriam is a true professional with animals and is a wonderful, trustworthy and easy going person. I have no reservation in trusting her and her colleagues with my home and dog. On returning from our holidays our dog is happy and house left just as we found it, if not a bit cleaner!

In saying this, I think it would be beneficial if this reference came from our dog, Haji, as he is the one being looked after!

Miriam walks me everyday. She even lets me go to the beach. I love the beach and chasing seagulls and jumping for sand (although I'm a bit old for that now!) She gives me yummy treats when I'm good and always has my dinner there on time. At night I'm so tired and happy. I'm glad she is here to stop any burglars, as I'm just too tired to bark! Its great when mum and dad come home but I miss Miriam, she gives me a great holiday.

We couldn't have said it better! Castle Home and Pet Minding Service is truly unique. It's so comforting to know your pet is being well looked after in his own environment and the house has someone in it.

Nicky and Andy,
Long Jetty

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